"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it within us or we find it not."
                                                                                                                                                             Ralph Waldo Emerson


To me, portrait photography is about emphesizing the world of feelings and attitudes and expression. I shy away from staged settings with plastic smiles. I find profound beauty in capturing my little heroes as they really are, free to voice their feelings, their state of being, their true nature. This is why I love working from a hidden place where the children are barely aware of my presence. 


(Currently showing at Creative Coworking, Evanston, IL)

In this series I am trying to take a step deeper by showing what is invisible in a symbolic way.
The line - the wire - represents our life line. The form it takes parallels different conditions of our state of mind, heart, and inner strength. A bond is a uniting force or tie. It is a link between different elements. The intertwined thin silver lines refer to the complicated and chaotic world we live in. In daily life, we face tangled thoughts, anxieties, complex situations, and obstacles. Relationships and attitudes towards life’s gifts and adversities all make our life lines take different shapes and forms.
This series is also a play between dimensions. It is an attempt to connect the physical reality of the three-dimensional world with the flat, illusionary surface of the photograph. In a transformative way, our actions engage with and effect what is around us, just as the tangible wires in the images reach out and interact with the space we inhabit.